Grim City Tattoo Sign

Busness signs are some of our favorite and most interesting sign projects. Some of the business signs that have come through our shop were born from cutting logos and personal images. Logos are usually a brand or businesses identity, one of the most important marketing tools any brand can have is a solid logo. Chances are you have spent time and money making your logo look just right, so now its time to show it off!

One of our first projects for Grim City Tattoo in Hamilton Ontario, is a great example of this. We were able to work with the shop owners to take their complicated cicada logo and turn it into a beautiful large shop sign!

Taking a client’s brand and making it into something special is something that always makes us feel good. Cutting logos into different materials can sometimes be a challenge, based on the design of the logo there often needs in the design process that need to be done to help to keep the look while not compromising the structure of the product. At VYKAN Design we are experts in stenciling, transferring, and designing files that will give your logo the respect it deserves!

Greenbelt Academy

Greenbelt needed two signs to create a good marketing tool for their busy roadside location in Grimsby Ontario. They were also in need of a sign to retrofit the old church they had taken over.


We were able to make their logo stand out with our unique layered metal sign designs. Our layered sign options are used to help our clients create something unique and eye catching beyond a flat logo. The layers are usually done through the colour schemes of the logo or photo.


A classic professional look in an office can really open the doors to creating an important first impression. Another great addition to our product line includes our studded metal signs. Our stud gun welder will place 2″ studs into the back of any metal product, often used with brushed stainless these signs are great for text as well as logo’s. The 2″ studs can be adjusted on installation to give the sign the desired depth.

Each studded metal sign comes with a template to make for easy installation!


Our Machine shop can also assist is some more complicated assemblies! Visit their site here!